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1. "How to Take Out Other People's Stops for Fun and Profit." (retail: $9) 

    How to know where other traders have placed their stops.

    The best (really ONLY) place to put your stops.
    How you can play the Market Makers' game and make money by taking out 
    other people's stops (and avoid your stops from being taken out).
2. "Trading Tricks of the Pros." (retail: $9) 

    Four distinct trading "tricks" the pros use to get an edge over amateurs every

    Technical analysis the pros use that is "invisible" to retail traders.
    The traditional "rules" professional traders intentionally break to make money
    from those who keep the rules. 
3. "How to Avoid Choppy Markets." (retail: $9) 

    For many traders, if you just knew how to stay out of choppy markets, that one
    piece of information could make you a profitable trader!.

    Choppy markets chop up your profits. Sometimes learning when NOT to trade
    is just as important as knowing when you should take a trade.
    The report also reveals to you how to anticipate the end of a choppy market
    so you can  get into the beginning of a new mega-trend! 
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