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"Visualized Trader" Indicators
 for TradingView
Here's What You Get...

 5 Boxes plotted right on your chart so you can see when all
     the Energies are bullish or bearish with a quick glance!
     - When all 5 boxes are green, then all 5 Energies are bullish
       at the same time.

     - When all 5 boxes are red, then all 5 Energies are bearish
       at the same time.
 Top Dog Price Indicator (Extra Indicator!):

     - Green for bullish.

     - Red for bearish. 
 Energy Alignment Arrows on Price Bars:

     - Green ARROWS are plotted below price bars when all 5           Energies are bullish.

     - Red ARROWS are plotted above price bars when all 5
       Energies are bullish.
 For all Markets: 
     - Stocks.
     - Forex.
     - Futures.
     - Commodites.
     - Options.
 For all Time Frames:
     - Day Trading.
     - Swing Trading.
     - Investing.
 Audio Alerts! 
     - Never miss a trade because you'll get a sound alert to               draw your attention back to the charts when the 5 Energies

     - This "Visualized Trader" software does not include wave            counts on price or MOM because it was originally                    designed to be used without the need for plotting                        indicators on your chart. 

     - You'll need the TradingView "Pro Plan" or higher, not
        their "Basic" (free) Plan. 

     - There are no refunds on this software after the first week
        of ordering. 
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